DEACON’S ~ Deacons of the St. James M. B. Church will serve the needs of the church, the pastor, and the community with spiritual and biblical leadership. Learn More Here.

CHURCH SCHOOL ~ Win the Lost ~ Educate the Saved. Learn More Here.

MUSIC MINISTRY ~ Our music MINISTRY is a major part of our worship experience that encourages each person to participate in worship through song. Learn More Here.

ALTAR GUILD ~ We educate each partakers of the Lord’s Supper and of the atoning death of Jesus Christ, with a celebration of thanksgiving for His gift to us, with the acknowledgement of His living presence in this act of worship. Learn More Here.

JAIL MINISTRY ~ Our goal is to bring hope to those who are incarcerated by sharing with them the Word of God on a regular basis, encouraging them to seek a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and allowing the Holy Spirit to make the necessary changes. Learn More Here.

MISSION TEAM ~ Our Mission Teams acts out the love of Christ according to what He said, did, and taught, so that this love would lead us into a deeper devotion to Him through faith, obedience and service, so that we might become true instruments in building His Kingdom. Learn More Here.

NURSERY MINISTRY ~ Welcome to the Nursery ministry at St. James. We hope that both parents and children will feel at home in our nursery. Our primary purpose is to facilitate and enhance your family's time of worship, at St. James by providing a safe, sanitary, and loving environment for your child. Learn More Here.

TRANSPORTATION TEAM ~ We serve because we want all members who are without personal transportation to have the opportunity to participate in any and all church related activities. Learn More Here.

YOUTH MINISTRY ~ To provide relevant biblical teaching to youth by utilizing mediums they best relate to and understand. To minister to their needs while addressing the pertinent life issues they face today. Learn More Here.

PRAYER WARRIORS ~ To promote a healthy prayer life for the “Warrior”, and to touch the lives of people outside the walls of the local church by sending them “Prayer Arrows” which are words of encouragement from our St. James Church Family. Learn More Here.

SENIOR & JUNIOR USHERS ~ We are the Gatekeepers in God’s House and servants of those who enter.  We greet everyone with a smile, we are courteous to each one that comes across God’s threshold and we pray they feel the presence of the Holy Spirit when they enter. Learn More Here.

COME ALIVE MINISTRY (CAM) ~ This is an outreach to the church and community by using theatrical arts and liturgical dance as tools of evangelism. Learn More Here.

MENíS MINISTRY ~ Inspired Christian Men (ICM) ~ We recruit men into the faith, making them disciples of Jesus Christ and to minister to the physical needs of our community. Learn More Here.

WOMEN of FAITH ~ We try to create an environment where women can bond, grow spiritually and have the support of each other to use their talents and gifts freely. Learn More Here.

JR/YOUTH CHURCH ~ We minister to the Junior and Youth of our church as well as visiting Jr. and Youth during Sunday morning worship.  Our goal is to prepare them to worship and praise the Lord. Learn More Here.

EDEN MARRIAGE MINISTRY ~ Itís no secret that marriages today are in serious trouble. According to the latest statistics over 50% of all marriages end in legal separation or divorce and God certainly cannot be pleased. Eden ministers to the needs of Christian Marriage. Our goal is to get back to the essence of what God truly intended for marriage to be when He instituted it in the Garden. Eden will train, nurture and support Christian marriages to maintain healthy, whole and fulfilling relationships. Learn More Here.


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